Accuride Wheel End Solutions - Rockford Operations 

Accuride Rockford

AME Excellence Award Recipient
Tuesday, Nov. 5 Location Code
7:30am-2:30pm TT/02

No competitors allowed, including Haldex, Meritor, Webb, Conmet. Hard hat will be provided.

The Accuride-Rockford plant combines a gray iron foundry with machining operations, converting basic raw materials into finished brake drums for heavy duty truck applications. Tour attendees will have the opportunity to see a vertically-integrated manufacturer use customer demand and consumption to drive the manufacturing and replenishment processes, via a floor based manual pull system.  Attendees will be exposed to simple and straight-forward kanban techniques, combined with visual operating systems to form a very well thought-out manufacturing system to drive continuous improvement. The tour will also include value stream mapping that is used to both identify opportunities for improvement and track improvements made along the plant's lean journey.

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The Accuride Rockford Plant currently employs 275 UAW members (Local 178) and 55 salaried employees. Accuride and its owners have invested over $70 million into improving the foundry, machine shop, the slack assembly line and the facility to propel gunite into a world-class manufacturing facility.

Restrictions / Requirements

To participate in a tour, all attendees must adhere to and respect the tour hosts' restrictions and requirements.
Non-adherence may exclude you from a tour.

  • No competitors
  • Other: See tour description
  • Hearing protection
  • Leather like closed-toe shoes (No high heels)
  • Long or short-sleeved shirt/blouse
  • Long pants (no shorts, skirts, dresses)
  • Other: See tour description
  • Safety glasses