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Be a great coach

The art and practice of using dialogue to guide performance
Monday, Nov. 4 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Randolph 3, East Tower, Concourse Level MW/10

After attending this session, you will be equipped to have meaningful, engaging and participative conversations in a variety of situations, with a variety of people - most importantly those who are counting on you for effective leadership.


Learn how Leader-As-Coach is one of the most critical roles of a leader and how coaching is, at its simplest level, a style of communication. Discover how it is a way of communicating that has been proven to help other people bring out their best. Yet, 44 percent of employees report never receiving any constructive coaching or developmental feedback (Souza, 2015). This session will explore:

  • Eight key communication principles of highly effective coaching.
  • The skill of asking questions.
  • A versatile, repeatable communication process for coaching employees and others toward higher levels of performance.

Specializing in developing leaders in manufacturing and industrial environments, Living As A Leader uses a combination of training, coaching and success assurances to develop people into highly effective, productive leaders. For more than 15 years, thousands of leaders from hundreds of companies have partnered with Living As A Leader because of the applicable, pragmatic nature of its approach to supporting leaders. Over time, organizations can build a common language, skill and approach across all sites, all shifts and all levels of leadership to maximize employee productivity and fulfillment. And all of this is relevant out on the floor, immediately.

Presenter: Aleta Norris

Aleta Norris is an expert leadership coach and trainer with 30 years of experience developing leaders. In 2002, she co-founded Living As A Leader® to support the effectiveness of leaders at all levels. Norris oversees Living As A Leader’s sales and marketing activities, leveraging the company’s local and regional brand identity to drive national and global expansion. Prior, she was a leadership columnist for BizTimes Milwaukee, contributing author on the topic of leadership for various publications, and co-authored the Living As A Leader® Leadership Development Series and System. Norris has an MS degree in organizational science and adult education, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.