Daily problem solving

Eliminating waste to drive workforce productivity and team engagement
Friday, Nov. 8 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Grand Suite 5, East Tower, Ballroom Level FW/05

Explore how a properly defined problem is half-way to a solution and how high performance teams empower teammates to be problem solvers by giving them the tools and ability to identify waste. Learn how to develop a plan to eliminate waste in order to be more productive and engaged.


Are you running your business or is your business running you? Ever feel like you spend more of your time fixing the same problems? Discover how much of your time could you devote to productive tasks if you could just eliminate one of these recurring issues. In high performance organizations, everyone has two roles -perform the assigned tasks and constantly look for ways to improve. This session will give you insights into root cause analysis (RCA), symptoms approach versus root cause, symptoms versus problems, conducting a 5 Why analysis, and much more.


TMG, Inc. is a values-driven program management services company dedicated to improving leader behaviors, increasing team engagement, and building high performance teams. TMG provides its partners with world class expertise, flawless execution, self-governing program management, in process agility and an unwavering focus on solving the 'big picture' problem. www.tmgva.com

Presenters: Kevin Barto / Daniel Barto

Kevin Barto is a program manager at TMG, Inc. He has worked with over 150 leaders throughout the manufacturing industry, providing coaching and the tools to engage their teams. He was instrumental in the program development of TMG’s modernized 6-quarter approach to implementing team performance improvement systems. Barto has managed other projects, including building future leader bench strength, talent acquisition and retention, lean training and kaizen facilitation, and six sigma green belt training. 

Daniel Barto is a program manager at TMG, Inc., working with New Horizons Regional Education Center on The Good Life Solution Program. As a business development manager, he represents a world class team of master black belt instructors in the field of lean and six sigma, as well as TMG’s team of expert program managers that specialize in team performance improvement. Barto is also responsible for the development of contractual relationships with new and current partners.