Effective transformation strategies for managers

Navigating, surviving and flourishing as a change agent in a frozen corporate culture
Monday, Nov. 4 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Regency Ballroom C, West Tower, Ballroom Level MW/26

This workshop will provide a framework for managers to address people’s resistance to change and techniques to create alignment with leadership goals.


Most companies today have respect for people, focus on customers and innovation in their mission statements. Making these concepts real in the middle and lower levels of the company is a challenge that is often delegated downward with little or no meaningful support from the top. Discover how unfreezing a company culture requires alignment up and down the organization, and yet the real work of unfreezing is left to managers to implement.


VIP Group style focuses on leveraging the client’s skills and knowledge that already resides within their organizations. VIP Group consultants stimulate extraordinary thinking by the client’s management team and the employees involved in the problems to be solved. Your employees know best what the problems are since they are living with them. ​VIP Group taps the client’s existing intellectual resources through cross-functional teams that address the many issues facing the company then trains them in problem-solving methods and tools, providing guidance and coaching. The end result is a client able to solve most future problems without the need of additional consulting time. www.vipgroup.us

Bill Pierrakeas

Bill Pierrakeas is a results-oriented industry advisor and lean consultant serving manufacturing, service, sales and academic institutions. He is a certified lean expert, lean analyst, Everything DiSC authorized partner and certified Everything DiSC trainer. He is highly skilled in training executive and operations teams in problem solving methods rooted in lean tool sets. Pierrakeas' methods include coaching, training, deploying continuous improvement cycles, data collection planning and implementation, root cause analysis, value stream mapping, responsibility charting (RACI), and administrative lean, to name a few.