Experience Toyota kata

A learn-by-doing simulation introducing Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata
Friday, Nov. 8 Location Code
8:00am-12:00pm Michigan 1A, East Tower, Concourse Level FW/06

Providing an eye-opening view into how Toyota Kata generates results, this workshop simulation serves as an introduction and foundation for those new to Kata. Experience Improvement Kata (IK) and Coaching Kata (CK) patterns and the typical dynamics encountered in the practice of Kata.


Gain an understanding of how IK and CK allow you to reach challenges and gain insights on how they could apply to your organization. The workshop combines educational content, interactive discussion, and a learn-by-doing experience through a fast-paced, fun simulation involving the flow of raw materials through WIP to products. Attendees will leave with a solid sense of how the practice of Toyota Kata works at an individual and organizational level.


TWI Institute helps companies build individual and organizational excellence through Training Within Industry (TWI) and Toyota Kata. It provides consulting, training, certification, implementation and education. Founded in 2002, the Institute has offices and trainers in 33 countries and provides training in 19 languages. As the certifying body for Training Within Industry, TWI Institute master trainers train and certify front-line leaders with skills for instructing, improving methods, facilitating standard work, and establishing a culture for change. Master Kata trainers train and certify leaders to establish patterns of scientific thinking and mindsets essential for daily employee engagement, problem solving and operational excellence. www.twi-institute.org

Presenter: Oscar Roche

Oscar Roche works closely with clients to realize organizational change, develop people capability and meet business improvement goals. He believes the long-term success of any business lies in the development of its people. This belief, combined with extensive operations management experience, helps him add value to every organization he works with. Roche holds a bachelor of applied science degree. His diverse sector expertise includes training, logistics, FMCG, chemicals, beverages and food.