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Lean 101 government simulation

Lean government: No longer and oxymoron
Sunday, Nov. 3 Location Code
5:30pm-9:00pm Grand Suite 5, East Tower, Ballroom Level SW/01



This workshop includes a light dinner.

In this hands-on simulation, discover what a day in the life of lean government systems, processes and leadership behaviors looks like.


In this experiential learning exercise, attendees will experience the transformation from batch, chaotic traditional thinking and processing to an environment where leaders and employees go home enriched and fulfilled by aligning their work to strategic priorities and winning with customers. Concepts include: Strategy deployment; lean fundamentals; customer value; balancing work load; flow; pull; standard work; mistake proofing; and lean leader behaviors.


Ultimate Lean, Inc. is committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of government and industry to become more globally competitive through the implementation of lean philosophy and techniques. Our aim is to partner with organizations who are committed to long-term continuous improvement through knowledge development, investment in people, and management by fact. www.ultimatelean.com

Presenters: Maria Elena Stopher / Stephanie Magill

Maria Elena Stopher is an award-winning lean practitioner with demonstrated results in private business and government. She started her career in continuous improvement in the late 1980s at Xerox Corporation and Danaher Motion. As director of national lean initiatives at the U.S. Department of Commerce, she established the first nation-wide, government-sponsored program to make manufacturers more competitive globally through lean thinking. Stopher's vision to provide lean training nationally to businesses trained over 2,000 field engineers in 50 states and Puerto Rico. For this, she earned the Commerce Department’s Bronze Medal. She also served as a senior advisor to the Office of the Under Secretary of the Air Force, where she advised senior leaders on establishing strategic performance goals and implementing CI initiatives, earning her the Air Force’s Meritorious Service Award. Stopher has served as chairman of the board of AME.