Mixed model assembly

Solutions for high mix environments
Monday, Nov. 4 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Grand Suite 5, East Tower, Ballroom Level MW/18

In this highly interactive session, attendees will use an innovative method with Legos to create a supply chain, build products and sell them to a customer.


Toyota factories have a special secret - the way it mixes the production line. Toyota calls it the Heijunka Sequence Plan. It mixes tens of thousands of vehicle variations down the same assembly line and how this is done has never been well understood… until now! Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of Toyota's Heijunka Sequencing methodology. Learn to use an algorithm developed to mimic the Toyota Production System and discover a method to understand how Toyota embraces variation to create flow.


McFallsTech designs and implements highly advanced systems to solve the problems that many manufacturing companies face: scheduling, planning, material delivery and picking, assembly, logistics, and many others. The company works with organizations to provide everything from training to turn-key solutions that implement seamless into their ERP software. McFallsTech has even designed solutions to replace existing ERP solutions. It is a recipient of the American Manufacturing Strategy Award. www.mcfallstech.com 

Presenter: Greg McFalls

With a degree in mechanical engineering and a background in computer science, Greg McFalls has been fortunate to use his technical skills and experience in manufacturing to develop highly efficient, award-winning production systems. He started McFallsTech to help as many companies as possible achieve great levels of performance by combining a lean thought-process and advanced systems.