RCA/kaizen facilitation

How to lead those challenging teams
Monday, Nov. 4 Location Code
1:00pm-5:00pm Michigan 1A, East Tower, Concourse Level MW/24

Understand your own characteristics as a facilitator, and learn how you can, should, and shouldn’t drive the analysis. Learn to identify characteristics of your analysis team and how to control the team to gain maximum benefit in the root cause analysis (RCA) process.


Advanced RCA/kaizen facilitation - discover how to see the whole story behind the problem (where you are the facilitator). The hands-on, interactive session is led by a practitioner with more 20 years’ experience in problem-solving, from the ‘not-so-effective’ to true, effective root cause/countermeasure success, with everyone taking active and changing roles. This session may be challenging for those beginning their lean journey, but represents a critical cornerstone for anyone on the journey.


Steel Partners is a diversified global holding company with operations in diversified industrial products, energy, defense, supply chain management and logistics, banking and youth sports. It works with companies to increase long-term corporate value for all of its stakeholders and shareholders utilizing Steel Partners Operational Excellence Programs, the Steel Partners Purchasing Council, Steel Partners Corporate Services, balance sheet improvements, capital allocation policies and growth initiatives. All of its programs are focused on helping SPLP companies strengthen their competitive advantage and increase their profitability, while enabling them to achieve operational excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction. www.steelpartners.com

Presenter: Michael Thelen

Michael Thelen is SBS manager at Steel Partners. For 20 years, he has journeyed down a lean path. Guiding lean systems (utilizing strategic deployment and a lean management model) and showing respect for people, he has led improvements from front-line supervision to organizational lean leadership and consulting roles. In addition to training and coaching all levels of an organization, Thelen also works with local educational and civic organizations to share the concepts and theories of continuous improvement to a broader audience. He founded the Aberdeen Lean Forum in 2007 and the Siouxland Lean Consortium in 2011, which is preparing for its sixth annual conference in 2019.