Building a culture of lean continuous improvement

Key systems that drive lean thinking
Thursday, Nov. 2 Location Code
8:05am-12:05pm Vitamix ThT/03
12:05pm-4:05pm Vitamix ThT/07

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Vitamix is not new to lean concepts and has been on the lean journey for more than 10 years. Its manufacturing processes include manual, discrete assembly of blenders, mixers and containers. On this tour, see how the company does lean firsthand.


Learn about Vitamix’s lean transformation journey in operations and its key systems that drive a culture of lean thinking. Hear about its team-based daily management system, its improvement card system, and its people-centric "Pathways" program that helps develop lean thinkers. Come and share your observations, recommendations and ideas with the Vitamix team.


Vitamix is committed to bringing superior blending solutions into every kitchen in the world. To create industry-leading products, Vitamix seeks out and tests high-quality components to ensure they meet exacting standards of performance and longevity. And, to ensure that products are accessible to the greatest number of people, Vitamix creates relationships around the world with sourcing and production partners who help strike the perfect balance of quality and value. When it all comes together, Vitamix is proud to offer a line of products that promotes whole-food consumption and helps limit food waste.

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