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Designing and spreading a management system to engage physicians through coaching


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Wednesday, Oct. 20 Location Code
11:30am-12:30pm Virtual WS/14

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Learn about the Permanente Medical Group's approach to transformation. Discover how it defines its management, how it teaches and coaches it, how it deliberately practices in dyads (MDs and administrators), and how it has created systems that support the following work: strategy alignment, learning and coaching and spread.


Too often, we hear stories of how health care organizations implement management systems and see results, only to realize that physician engagement is still an issue and the system is carried mostly by staff members. The Permanente Medical Group in North Valley (Sacramento and Roseville) implemented a management system in response to an organizational assessment that focused on solving a key issue: “Our way of leading and management creates confusion, an opportunity for waste, and prevents us from unleashing our people’s capabilities and efficiency while achieving the desired performance results.”

The Permanente Medical Group needed a solution approach that considered the organizational structure of dyads (MD and administrator) as the foundation for the design of the system. Discover the Permanente Medical Group's approach to transformation and take away ideas to apply in your organization.


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Anna Pessah is a senior consultant at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, California, where she focuses on leadership coaching, value stream management and lean training facilitation. She is an industrial and operations engineer with a master’s degree from the University of Michigan. Pessah began her career in manufacturing at Boeing and General Mills. She then moved into financial services as the director of continuous improvement at Summit Funding, Inc. In April 2019, she made the transition to health care.