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Scale up quality, efficiency and delivery with digital lean on the production floor

Utilizing digital tools to increase efficiencies
Monday, Oct. 18 Location Code
10:00am-2:00pm Virtual MW/11

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This workshop is an interactive, entertaining mix of theory and practice that will cover:

  • Various best practice examples from companies like FESTO and Daikin Manufacturing. Preview at:
  • MIRO and an individual maturity level assessment.
  • Understand the success factors for a functioning production floor management system.
  • Structure and start a project within your manufacturing facility.
  • Adapt your production floor management to the specifics through COVID-19.
  • Learn methodology and procedures for the structured prioritization and solution of daily problems.


To meet the demands of the market, production facilities must strive for continuous improvement in quality, costs and delivery (KPIs). This can be achieved in day-to-day business through digitally supported production floor management directly at the point of value creation. This workshop will show how, by combining leadership with simple software solutions, the entire organization can sustainably improve the plant's central KPIs in just a few weeks. In addition to the organizational requirements, the workshop will show various best practice examples from different industries. Each participant will receive recommendations to improve based on their individual maturity level of digital lean and production floor management.


  1. Introduction and expectations
  2. Theory input to digital lean and production floor management
  3. Exchange of experiences and maturity level assessment for each participant
  4. Roles and responsibilities for an effective improvement process
  5. Four elements of production floor management: On-site leadership, identifying deviations, solve problems sustainably, and resource planning
  6. Best practice examples from companies like FESTO and Daikin Manufacturing


Sonic Technology's products are used in production and logistics by medium-sized and large corporations in a variety of industries. The apps utilize artificial intelligence to provide users with valid data to make educated recommendations. Every day thousands of users around the world use the apps in their day-to-day business and realize continuous improvement gains. The best-selling products “” and “” offer functions for digital production floor management, digital lean and preventive maintenance. Both apps can be configured for a variety of production environments with little effort and implemented in only eight weeks. The intuitive usability, as well as the fast implementation, form the basis for a short ROI as well as for high, continuously increased efficiency.


Lukas Weber is the CEO and co-founder of Sonic Technology. With a background in operations management, Weber is an expert in manufacturing and maintenance. He grew up in his great grandfather's automotive supplier family business in Germany and gained experience in production management. Weber used these experiences to develop intuitive apps with high usability to optimize day-to-day business. His expertise makes him a popular trainer and expert for digital lean and digital production floor management. His mission is to enable manufacturing companies with digital solutions to increase efficiency, usability and speed in their day-to-day operations. He believes that sustainable improvements rise above all when lean processes and responsibilities are anchored in easy-to-use apps.