Keynote Speaker
Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino

A conversation on learning to lead and leading to learn

Lessons from an internationally recognized leadership coach and a 40-year Toyota leader
Wednesday, Oct. 28 Location Code
10:00am-11:00am Virtual WK/01

In this conversational-style keynote, Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino will share lessons learned from Yoshino's 40-year career at Toyota that inspired the international Amazon #1 new release, "Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn." Attendees will be able to submit questions both in advance and live during the keynote.


The only secret to Toyota is its attitude towards learning. Whether you’re learning to lead others, leading others to learn, or striving to create a learning culture focused on people development, the key is to never stop reflecting and improving along the way. During this keynote, Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino will explore their six-year collaboration that started as a one-day meeting in Japan and turned into a deep friendship and professional collaboration and, ultimately, an international best-selling book that shares Yoshino’s reflections on his career at Toyota. Join them as they dive deeper into the experiences of creating a leadership culture through stories about John Shook (Toyota’s first non-Japanese employee), NUMMI (a joint partnership in California between GM and Toyota), Toyota's water-ski boat business (Toyota’s failed business venture), and more.

For an introduction to the content, check out our recent webinar with in partnership Lean Frontiers here. To learn more about the book and the presenters, visit

About Katie Anderson and Isao Yoshino

Katie Anderson is an internationally recognized leadership coach, consultant and professional speaker, best known for inspiring individuals and organizations to lead with intention. She helps leaders at levels and organizations of all sizes to connect purpose, process and practice to achieve higher levels of performance. Anderson is passionate about helping people around the world learn to lead and lead to learn. Her first non-fiction book, "Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning," debuted in July 2020 as an international Amazon #1 new release. 

Isao Yoshino is a 40-year Toyota leader and a former NUMMI training manager based at Toyota headquarters in Japan. From 1979-1980, he oversaw the manager development program ("Kan-Pro" in Japanese) for all the managers at Toyota headquarters. In 1983, Yoshino was assigned to be the manager of a newly established training section for NUMMI's shop-floor leaders. During this time, he hired John Shook and other staff members from within Japan to develop a hands-on training program for the American shop-floor group and team leaders who traveled from Fremont, California, to Toyota City, Japan, to learn the Toyota Production System. Yoshino has held management roles at Toyota in research, human resources, corporate planning and production control, and manufacturing. Yoshino retired from Toyota in 2006. He is currently a lecturer at Nagoya Gakuin University and travels internationally to teach and speak about Toyota leadership, hoshin kanri and coaching.


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