Coaching gemba walking executives

A mental model for a successful executive seeking feedback


Deep Dive Session
Wednesday, Oct. 28 Location Code
12:30pm-2:00pm Virtual WS/13



Learn a few best practices to coach successful leaders on how to do a meaningful gemba walk.


Mindset is a critical element of highly effective organizational improvement activities. A gemba walk is one of the few tools leaders can use to directly impact culture change. There are several pathways people can follow to do a walk. Leaders can manage by walking around with no clear purpose in mind, or they can take a walk where they are seeking to develop a deep understanding of the actual reality of what happens in their organization. Sometimes it's challenging for successful people to understand why they need to slow down to do this well. The game plan that a coach lays out at the very beginning can be the determinate factor influencing a successful or not so successful outcome.

Presenter: Michael Bremer

Michael Bremer is the retired president of the Cumberland Group, a consulting organization established in 1991 to coach companies on effective improvement practices. He is also a past national board member of AME and the author of several books on performance improvement, including “How to Do a Gemba Walk,” a Shingo Research & Professional Publication Award recipient. Bremer leads AME’s Excellence Award Council and was a 2019 Mac McCulloch Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.