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Speed Chat with Experts
Wednesday, Oct. 28 Location Code
12:30pm-2:30pm Virtual WS/12



Patrick Graupp, a TWI Institute Senior Master Trainer, will provide an overview of TWI, the 5 needs, and provide a very brief overview of the 3 skills (Job Relations, Job Instruction, and Job Methods). He will also briefly discuss his experience in building TWI capability in a range of industries, from manufacturing to health care.


Each "J" panelist will then expand on their field of expertise (Job Relations, Job Instruction, and Job Methods respectively) by digging deeper into the attributes of each and relaying their learnings through their practicing of the skills.

Participants will then be moved into three breakout rooms. The three panelists will be assigned one to each room and will open the floor to a pull discussion relevant to their field. They will answer questions and discuss what you want to discuss. After about 20 minutes, they will rotate and spend time with each of the 3 groups. This will allow you time to engage in longer, more personal conversations with each panelist. Moderators will roam through all three rooms to facilitate.

Panelists: Patrick Graupp / Brian Ferreira / Adriano Lemos / Wayne Meyer / Sam Wagner

Patrick Graupp began his training career at the SANYO Electric Corporate Training Center in Japan where he learned to deliver TWI from his mentor Kazuhiko Shibuya. He earned an MBA from Boston University while heading Sanyo's global training effort. Graupp partnered with Bob Wrona in 2001 to conduct TWI pilot projects in Syracuse, NY. This became the foundation for the TWI Institute which has since trained a rapidly expanding network of over 1,300 certified trainers, now delivering TWI training in the manufacturing, health care, construction, energy and service industries in the US and around the globe.


Brian Ferreira wears many hats with Tremco Inc. He has been a senior color specialist for more than 30 years, a corporate ISO9001 manager for 20 years and a TWI manager for 6 years. When he attended Patrick Graupp’s 2-hour job introduction class in 2012, he was sold and knew right away that this system must be the foundation for his manufacturing plant. This set his company on a 6-year journey that he is looking forward to sharing with the group.



Adriano Lemos has worked as a shop floor operator for 23 years. He is currently with Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing Division. Lemos is a TWI Certified Trainer and has also worked as a team developer, lean manufacturing projects specialist and emergency response team leader. He has extensive experience with safety in the workplace. Working with teams, developing and training standard work has been a gratifying journey for Lemos.



Wayne Meyer is the director of operational excellence for Continental Structural Plastics. Meyer believes respect for every individual is a fundamental principle of great organizations and that one must listen to learn. He has lead teams that have quickly brought new technology to the market and has turned business operations from loss to profit. Meyer is a Kata Geek, Franklin Covey certified trainer, and most recently became certified to train both JI & JR TWI programs. 



Sam Wagner has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing supervision and leadership. He began practicing Job Methods in 2005 with a custom contract manufacturer and became a certified trainer through the TWI Institute in September, 2006. He has since become a certified trainer in TWI’s JI, JR & JS as well as visual workplace and Toyota Kata. A practitioner as well as trainer, Wagner has shared some of his experiences in webinars and at international conferences such as the TWI Summit. His Job Methods experience is featured in the book, “Implementing TWI” by Patrick Graupp and Robert J. Wrona. Recently he deepened his understanding while studying in Japan under Isao Kato of Toyota. He holds B.S. in engineering and an MBA and is a certified Lean Leader. 


Moderators: Richard Evans / Oscar Roche

Richard Evans has spent the past 50+ years helping companies become more effective in delivering quality and value to the production process while focusing on customer success. With a background in manufacturing engineering, he mentors and coaches leaders to recognize waste and apply lean principles, tools and techniques. His extensive knowledge of various industries enables him to quickly focus in on opportunities for improvement. An approved Lean Bronze Review Course trainer for SME, he coaches teams to increase value-added content. Evans is the president of the Canadian Region Board of AME and has served as a program chair on multiple AME national and regional lean conferences since 2007. He is an AME Consortium facilitator, sits on the AME Excellence Awards Council, and is a past chair of the Lean Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee responsible for developing and maintaining the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Lean Certification Program for SME, AME, The Canadian Society for Quality, and The Shingo Institute. He is also a Certified Training Within Industry (TWI) Job Instructions and Job Relations Trainer. “Fix what bugs you” is a term coined by Paul Akers, and Evans promotes that in every aspect of his life. 

Oscar Roche believes that excellence in business lies in the development of people's capabilities. His extensive operations management experience allows him to add value to any organisation. Across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Roche specialises in developing the the TWI (Training Within Industry) frontline leadership skills of leading, instructing and improving, and the Improvement and Coaching Kata patterns outlined in Mike Rother's “Toyota Kata”. Now a TWI Institute Toyota Kata Master Trainer, Roche has made developing his skills in assisting companies reach their business improvement goals his main focus. With them he has practised methods and developed his specific skills in order to assist companies achieve genuine and sustained improvement.