Leading with lean at a modern office furniture manufacturer

Wednesday, Oct. 28 Location Code
12:30pm-2:00pm Virtual WT/01

This session will not be available on demand.


  • Quick and easy improvements
  • One-page business planning
  • One-piece flow in a make to order world
  • Daily report-outs/huddles
  • Leader standard work
  • Visual controls/management
  • Kanban in a make-to-order world
  • Building trust in a 44-year-old unionized manufacturing business


Explore the facilities and support systems that Tayco employs to meet the continually evolving demands of the marketplace. You'll see how the company employs a wide range of continuous improvement techniques to address its evolving marketplace challenges. Following an independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work® Institute Canada this year, Tayco was certified as a Great Place to Work® in recognition of its exceptional workplace culture.


Founded in 1976, Tayco is a Canadian, second-generation, family business specialising in commercial office furniture manufacturing. Tayco prides itself in being a progressive, forward-thinking organization that values team member culture, safety and an exemplary customer experience, while creating high-quality products which are shipped on-time, every time. Tayco creates the ultimate success for its dealers, satisfied end users and motivated team members. Learn more at tayco.com.