Leading with lean at a modern office furniture manufacturer

  • Quick and easy improvements
  • One-page business planning
  • One-piece flow in a make to order world
  • Daily report-outs/huddles
  • Leader standard work
  • Visual controls/management
  • Kanban in a make-to-order world
  • Building trust in a 44-year-old unionized manufacturing business


Explore the facilities and support systems that Tayco employs to meet the continually evolving demands of the marketplace. You'll see how the company employs a wide range of continuous improvement techniques to address its evolving marketplace challenges.


Tayco has been manufacturing high-quality office furniture since 1976. Based in Toronto, Canada, the company’s product offerings and services have evolved over the years with the changing demands of the marketplace. Tayco listens to its customers and takes enormous pride in integrating their feedback in designs and solutions that work with modern corporate budgets. Its commitment to innovation and modern office furniture design has yielded a comprehensive portfolio of office systems, desks, storage, tables and seating. Its team is driven by a desire to consistently exceed client expectations. Learn more at tayco.com.