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The lean boot camp

Lean tools and best practices to apply directly with meaningful results
Tuesday, Oct. 27 Location Code
10:00am-2:00pm Virtual TW/04

Hear how to create system thinking and an understanding of how cost is related to decisions. Learn about tools that you can immediately implement at your company to engage your workforce and instantly uncover waste.


Take away lean tools and best practices that can be applied directly in your organization with meaningful results. In this workshop, we will cover: 

  • An overview of lean applications throughout the enterprise
  • Rattlesnake hunt: Killing problems before they bite you
  • Eliminating the eight wastes in the company
  • Applying action to the big picture using value stream mapping
  • Standard work: Without a standard, nothing can be improved
  • Visual management: Lego layout recipe, visual pipeline
  • Problem-solving techniques: Affinity process, 5 why, fishbone, A3 system Lean office – SIPOC, process mapping, playbooks


Lean Applications' mission is to support its customer's journey in their search for real results by sharing its practical experience through workshops, certification, consulting and proven solutions. The company helps practitioners create a model of excellence they can spread throughout the enterprise and teaches tools and concepts such as waste identification, visual management, gemba leadership and kaizen systems for sustainment. Learn more leanappl.com.

Mark Preston

Mark Preston is president/CEO of Lean Applications and has been driving change in manufacturing, office and sales environments for 25+ years. Previously, with TDK Electronics, he studied kaizen manufacturing techniques in Japan. He then held various executive positions at Respironics Inc. He was director of Acuity Business System at Acuity Brands Lighting and later, vice president of supplier development and operational excellence. Preston is a lean champion for AME and served on its national board. His book, “Southern Sensei,” takes readers on an engaging application-based approach to further their lean journey. Preston also helped write and launch the AME Lean Sensei App, which helps companies assess their progress on their lean journey.