Sponsor showcase: Italian Trade Commission (Lamborghini)

Manifattura Lamborghini: Craftsmanship and technology
Thursday, Oct. 29 Location Code
12:15pm-12:30pm Virtual

The Urus factory illustrates a new model of manufacturing for Lamborghini, which Ranieri Niccoli, Lamborghini’s chief manufacturing officer, refers to as "Manifattura Lamborghini." The model was developed to provide flexibility in production schedules, allowing workers to adjust the timing of their schedules installing chassis and transmissions. It also allows improved access to information in the factory line, allowing workers to determine the progress of a vehicle along every step of assembly. The model facilitates connectedness among work stations on the factory floor, thanks to centralized clock and timekeeping systems, little helper robots that move parts and tools among stations, and ergonomic lifts. In this short 15-minute session, learn about the Urus factory manufacturing model.