From the CEO: Collecting Data to Shape Our Future

AME | March 5, 2021


We live in disruptive times. Sometimes it’s a company that disrupts an industry like when Uber, Amazon and Airbnb disrupted taxi services, stores and travel. Other times — as we’ve experienced this past year — disruptions may come from a pandemic or weather events.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then disruptive innovations are the drivers of progress. New technologies and new ways of thinking fit perfectly into the continuous improvement mindset. Our community understands that innovations can help individuals and organizations achieve more — especially when they’re integrated in a way that honors people and lean principles.

We’ve seen tremendous innovation and growth in every sector AME serves: health care, manufacturing, government, finance, service and others.

At AME, we’d like to understand more about how those in our manufacturing community are adopting emerging technology trends. We have partnered with LeanDNA, a factory management optimization software provider, to execute a new survey and analyze the feedback. The survey is designed to capture primary data and insights on the current state of manufacturing and crucial future directions. Watch your email on March 12 for a link to the survey.

The learnings we capture will be used for a variety of things going forward, such as fine-tuning the agenda for the 2021 and 2022 AME international conferences, as well as fueling future content and events we produce for you. To provide a bit of background on LeanDNA and its founder and CEO, Richard Lebovitz, I’ve included an article he wrote for Industry Today below.

The AME/LeanDNA survey will explore emerging technology trends within the industry and how adoption, behavior and investment strategies are evolving to take manufacturers into the future. By keeping our finger on the pulse of disruptive technologies and innovations, we’ll be able to help all our members — in manufacturing and other sectors — more effectively implement and use lean tools and prepare people for the future of work.

Please keep an eye out for this survey on March 12. Your participation will ensure we capture a variety of voices, which will help our community share, learn and grow.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.




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