The AME Hall of Fame

The AME Hall of Fame recognizes industry thought leaders and influencers who support the values, principles and practices found within leading enterprise excellence organizations. On an annual basis, the selection committee will identify appropriate candidates and determine whom to honor with induction into the Hall of Fame. The nomination process includes a review and approval of submissions by the selection committee based on the significance of an individual's contributions to the growth of enterprise excellence within the manufacturing community. People outside the committee can also nominate candidates.

AME 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

Art Byrne

While serving as CEO or an equivalent position, Art Byrne implemented lean principles at more than 30 companies in 14 countries throughout his career. Byrne began his lean journey as general manager for the General Electric Company in 1982. He later helped introduce lean to the Danaher Corporation. Byrne also served as CEO of The Wiremold Company, during which time he increased the company’s enterprise value by 2,500 percent in less than 10 years. Most recently he served as operating partner with J.W. Childs Associates, where he led lean management implementations at the firm’s portfolio companies. Byrne is the author of “The Lean Turnaround,” which highlights the role of the leader in a lean transformation and provides a repeatable implementation methodology that can be used to turn around any company in any industry. His book, “The Lean Turnaround Action Guide” was recently awarded the Shingo Publication Award. In 2012, Byrne was inducted into Industry Week Magazine’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame.


Jean Cunningham

Jean Cunningham was the chief financial officer and vice president of company services at Lantech, LLC during the 90s and early 2000s, where she pioneered the use of lean principles and tools in lean accounting, information technology, human resources and other non-production functions. Cunningham later served a similar role at Marshfield Door Systems, Inc. She formed Jean Cunningham Consulting in 2005, and today provides strategic lean guidance, management training and coaching, workshops and kaizen events to a wide range of companies. She is widely recognized for her early efforts and broad expertise in lean business management and the lean office. Cunningham served as voluntary CFO of AME from 2006 to 2011, and today serves on the board of the Lean Enterprise Institute. She co-authored two lean books that received the Shingo Prize for Research in 2004 and 2008, respectively. In 2018 she released her third book, “The Value Add Accountant.”


George Koenigsaecker

George Koenigsaecker is a principal investor in several lean enterprises. He has served on the board for AME, The Shingo Prize, The Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value, Tecomet, Trojan Battery Company and Watlow Electric Corporation. From 1992 to 1999, Koenigsaecker led the lean conversion of the HON Company. Under his leadership, the organization’s volume tripled and was named one of the “World’s Best Managed Companies” by Industry Week Magazine. Koenigsaecker also served as president of the Jacob’s Vehicle Equipment Company for Danaher Corporation, where he developed and implemented the “Danaher Business System,” a comprehensive lean enterprise model. His career also includes tenures in finance, marketing and operations with Rockwell International and Deere & Company. His book, “Leading the Lean Enterprise Transformation,” outlines his lessons learned for senior executives on the path to building a lean enterprise. He is a member of Industry Week’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame and a graduate of the Harvard Business School.


2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Jerry Bussell
  • Helen Zak

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • C. Jackson Grayson
  • J. Francisco Ramírez Reséndiz

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Bruce Hamilton
  • Gary Peterson

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Daniel Jones
  • Thomas Hartman
  • John Shook
  • Michael Rother                    

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Daniel Ariens 
  • Dr. Patricia Gabow, M.D.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Liker, Ph.D.
  • Dr. John Toussaint, M.D.

2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Dale Crownover
  • James Womack, PhD.
  • David Hogg
  • Patrick Carguello
  • Gary Convis

Additional Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Barbara Jacklin
  • Fujio Cho
  • Phil Roether
  • Ross Robson
  • Burgess Oliver
  • John Puckett
  • Ralph Todd
  • Tony Laraia
  • Dan McDonnell
  • Nick Edwards
  • Robert "Doc" Hall