AME Consortia

Share, learn and grow in a local lean learning network

An AME Consortium is a group of local companies (20 +/-) that collaborate for broad, deep, accelerated lean-CI progress better, faster, and easier than they can do it alone. These dynamic practitioner-to-practitioner networks are designed to support you in accelerating your company’s journey toward excellence through:

  • Plant tours rotating through the member companies
  • Round-table discussions on a host company’s hot issue
  • Special interest groups on a common hot issue (e.g. 5S, VSM, pull, SCM, etc.)
  • Auditor exchanges for deeper application of lean-CI practices
  • Consortium strategic plan for support of companies’ lean-CI priorities
  • Shared-cost learning events
  • Special discounts to AME workshops and events
  • Leveraging the AME Lean Sensei for practical and deeper assessment opportunities
  • 20% discount on job postings
  • More

AME Consortia membership includes AME corporate membership which provides access to all AME member benefits including discounts to conferences and regional events, publications, and free webinars. In addition, AME Consortia members can attend the AME International Conference as a large group. Large group registration includes the lowest price AME offers for the conference as well as facilitation services and a daily debrief session in a dedicated meeting room.


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Unique advantages of AME Consortia
  • Connects multiple company sites across U.S. and Canada, giving them the same type of consortia experience
  • Provides a forum for AME facilitators to learn from one another
  • Provides franchise model for facilitators
  • Ties consortia activities into the largest lean conference in the world
  • Ties consortia member company's lean journey with the AME Lean Sensei
Consortia resources

To learn more about all of the AME member benefits consortia members enjoy, download our AME Consortia brochure!

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