Effectively engaging your workforce: free webinar

AME | March 23, 2017

Findings from a recent Gallup study entitled “State of the American Workplace” report that 70 percent of U.S. workers don’t like their job. If that is even a remotely accurate figure, then there are tens of millions of Americans that are completely disconnected and disengaged from their employers. This means less productivity, less collaboration, less innovation and a lot more turnover-and that’s just for starters! In this webinar, Mark Preston will dive into proven best practices for effectively increasing your workforce engagement, which ultimately improves your team’s overall success & bottom line.
About the presenter:

Mark Preston has been driving change in manufacturing and sales environments for over 25 years using continuous improvement – lean. During his 11 years with TDK Electronics, he studied Kaizen manufacturing techniques in Japan during TDK Executive Sensei training. He later led the TDK Georgia plant lean initiatives and increased videotape and startup recordable compact disc productivity. After TDK, Mark invested 7 years in various executive roles within Respironics Inc where he implemented Demand Flow Technology. In 2006, Mark became the director of Acuity Business System at Acuity Brands Lighting. He led the deployment of lean in the Acuity supply chain for 16 Plants, five distribution centers and 14 supplier development programs. During this time, he continued his personal training with Singijutsu in Japan and was promoted to vice president of supplier development and operations excellence. Currently, Mark is a lean champion for AME and is on the AME National Board where he leads the board’s Key Result Area for enterprise excellence. Mark is a keynote speaker for organizations across the US and recently published his first book “Southern Sensei” (available on Amazon).

To learn more about engaging your workforce, check out the AME 2017 International Conference in Boston, where our theme is "Get Engaged." For more info, visit the AME Boston Conference website.