#AMEBoston keynote speaker sneak peek: Max Major

AME | April 10, 2017

He’s been referred to as “The Human Lie Detector” and “The Real-Life Sherlock Holmes.” World renowned mentalist Max Major has more than 20 years of experience and nearly 2,000 shows under his belt. This fall, he is bringing his communication secrets to the AME Boston 2017 International Conference.

“If there was one skill that would take you further in life and in business, it would be your ability to influence yourself and those around you,” says Major. “I think sometimes influence is like a dirty word in business—like you’re trying to get your way over on someone. But, the truth is it’s about effectiveness. If I can teach you to be more effective in the words that you use and in the conversations that you have, would that benefit you in business? Of course. Would that benefit you in your life outside of your business? Absolutely. Ultimately, it’s the kind of a topic that no matter what industry you’re in, it can have an impact.”

Through the years, Major has had an impact on numerous organizations from two Department of Defense agencies to organizations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Citibank, Costco and Lockheed Martin.  He is passionate about helping audiences become more engaged through improved communication skills (both verbal and nonverbal) in both business and everyday life.

“A lot of the skills that I’ve honed for the stage as an entertainer can actually be adapted to business. While you may not leave the talk at AME being able to read your colleague’s mind, I do guarantee that you’ll at least better understand what is going on inside their head … I want (audience members) to leave with some real skills that they can go and put into action right away, in the next conversation that they have. So, when they get an email or the phone rings right after our session, they’ll have a whole new set of skills that they can use to be more effective in their job.”

Major plans to deliver a keynote that’s interactive, engaging and fun. His presentation will include an exploration of body language and nonverbal communication with elements of mind reading and hypnosis. It’s sure to be unforgettable and filled with lessons on how to better engage with others both in the office and at home.

To learn more about the AME Boston 2017 International Conference, visit the #AMEBoston website.

 Article by Tim Piotrowski. Interview conducted by Taylor Scheibe.