From the CEO: Continuous improvement at the AME conference

AME | September 17, 2021


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you are responsible for making your organization function more effectively and efficiently. You might oversee a specific process and team. You might be the CEO or COO. You might be a front-line worker who has been empowered to continually make micro-improvements that, when added up, make a significant contribution to your factory’s pursuit of enterprise excellence. Or you might work in a hospital where you lead kaizen events that produce improvements that help deliver successful outcomes for patients.

You’ve likely also attended an AME International Conference or another event. Perhaps you’ve already taken advantage of our bundle package and signed up for both the AME Everywhere 2021 and the AME Dallas 2022 conferences. Maybe you’ve just discovered AME through one of our highly attended 2 Second Lean tours.

Or you might be an AME volunteer or staff member who is always thinking about how AME can better deliver on our mission to help our community share, learn and grow. Like the continuous improvement professionals who we serve, AME’s team of volunteers and staff also endeavor to improve the training and events that we deliver. We review feedback from past events, we look at industry best practices, and we run the experiment to see if some new wrinkle might improve what we’ve done in the past.

Last year we hosted our first-ever 100% virtual conference — an experiment that proved successful, but also helped us identify areas for improvement that we’re implementing for the 2021 conference. We can’t wait for you to experience these improvements, and we look forward to welcoming you to the conference, Oct. 18-21. What’s more, we continue to announce programming and special sessions to enhance your experience. In fact, Cambridge Air Solutions has just been added as a tour stop, and we’ll soon announce a special session on diversity, equity and inclusion with Billy Taylor, Vanessa Chambers-Harrison, Katie Anderson, Griselda Abouselman, and Barry McCarthy.

In 2020, we also ran a pilot program with a few select companies to offer unlimited conference participants for a flat $25,000 registration cost. Feedback from this offer has been overwhelmingly positive. Effectively, the all-in, $25K package allowed companies to get all of their employees on the same page. They all experienced the same training. They saw the same best practices, and spent time discussing how these could be applied to their organization. Oh, and they had six months of on-demand access to the recorded sessions so they could continue their training beyond conference week while revisiting what they loved and what they might have missed.

If you’d like to take advantage of this enterprise-wide package or have any questions about anything related to the conference, please reach out to me at I am happy to answer any questions and help your organization solve all its training needs.

As always, please stay safe and keep looking out for one another.