10 most-read Target Online articles from 2018

AME | January 18, 2019

by Tim Piotrowski 

In 2018, AME’s digital publication, Target Online included articles authored by lean and continuous improvement leaders. Most of these were written specifically for Target Online while some appeared in other sources including AME’s flagship publication Target magazine. Here’s a list of 2018’s most read Target Online articles (in no particular order):

1. Punch lists are not a best practice. In her January article, AME Author and regular contributor Becky Morgan writes about this popular construction industry term and provides some thoughts on best practices for continuous improvement.  

2. Bolts are the enemy. Lean and business management consultant Edward Gemin writes about how standard bolts used in changeovers should be changed and replaced in order to improve efficiency.

3. Culture or tools: Which comes first in a successful lean implementation? AME President George Saiz offers his definitive answer to this important question in his article from October. While it did not make our list this year, the second part of this article, People first at Goodyear Racing (ICM) is a nice follow-up.

4. What is Leadership? Everyone knows, and no one knows. Leadership is a very popular topic with plenty of definitions. In his July article, lean coach Dan Prock offers his thoughts about leadership based on years of experience and observations.

5. 8 Crucial manufacturing predictions for 2018: Industry 4.0 is dead. Long live manufacturing 5.0 (Yes 5.0). Target Online contributor Anne Graham shares her manufacturing predictions for the year in an article that ran in early 2018.

6. Waste isn’t defined by customers. Becky Morgan writes about something important to lean practitioners: waste and who should determine whether something brings value. 

7. 8 Questions used to track lean progress. Mark Russell, president and CEO of Worthington Industries, shares eight questions used to assess progress at his organization.

8. Pulling lean. AME Cleveland Consortia facilitator Richard Wiltse writes about the idea of establishing a pull system for your lean practice – the idea of practicing lean when and where it is needed in accordance with a business strategy.

9. Lean rock stars. AME’s Taylor Scheibe reviews an A3 workshop at Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and shares insights about Fender’s lean journey.

10. Delusional Excellence ™. Becky Morgan’s third contribution to this list – appearing in May’s Target Online –  explores the topic of excellence, particularly the kind of excellence that’s not guided by an organization’s vision.

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