AME Lake Ontario Lean Consortium

AME Lake Ontario Lean Consortium

Is your company located in the Toronto/Lake Ontario area and committed to continuous improvement? Are you seeking ways to accelerate your improvement journey, deliver better value to your customers, and engage your workforce? Join the AME Lake Ontario Lean Consortium today and become part of a collaborative learning network of local companies that are committed to performance excellence and collaborative learning. Consortium membership is open to companies from any industry (manufacturing, health care, financial services, software, distribution, information technology, and more) in the Toronto/Lake Ontario area with a desire to share and learn to become part of this practitioner-to-practitioner network. Leverage collective resources and knowledge and improve your approach to improvement!

Interested in joining? Get an introduction to the AME Lake Ontario Lean Consortium and learn more about the benefits, offerings and more. Contact Richard Evans, AME Lake Ontario Lean Consortium facilitator, at 905-439-6386.

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Join the AME Lake Ontario Lean Consortium!

The AME Consortia program connects those on the lean and continuous improvement journey in local peer networks facilitated by highly qualified lean practitioners.

The AME Consortia program is managed by AME, a nonprofit association representing more than 4,000 lean and continuous improvement professionals.

To learn more about AME member benefits for AME Consortia members, download this brochure!

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